We are medicine reorganized

We are physicians and other experts improving the health of caregivers, patients, and communities. We are committed to inclusion, diversity, equity, and access for all.

Here’s a snapshot of what we worked on in 2024:


Dr. Laura Espy-Bell has partnered with the CMA to create an innovative way to provide a solution to redress the underrepresentation of African Americans in the medical field by supporting local Black youth by providing them with critical foundational knowledge, hands-on learning, simulations, case study analyses, mentoring and more.


Advocacy at the CMA involves supporting candidates and legislature that are supportive of science-based medicine and value the physician-patient relationship. We also provide our members with frequent public policy meetings, and training for physicians wanting to participate in local politics.


At the CMA we have a variety and ever growing number of communities for our members to participate in, like our Women in Medicine group, created to provide a space for women physicians to connect, network, and mentor others.


The CMA is committed to supporting local practices, big and small and we know that starts with supporting practice managers. Several times a year we hold Practice Manager Luncheons, that provide these invaluable employees with a chance to learn more about a topic relevant to their field and a chance to mingle.


The CMA Peer Support program is designed to provide access to an empathetic network of physician peers who have been professionally trained to support colleagues in need. The goal is to ensure Central Ohio physicians feel emotional and psychological support from those who have walked in their shoes.